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What We Do




To Provide High Quality Support Services To Individuals To Enable Them To Live Happy And Fulfilling Lives.


Our Vision Is To Be A Leading Provider In Our Field, Improving Lives And Opportunities For All.

Positive Behaviour Support

We follow the model of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) as a framework for supporting all individual’s within our service in order to enhance their quality of life.

We have our own in-house PBS Team who work with services. They work with each service in order to effectively implement PBS for each individual, developing Behaviour Support Plans and Interventions to effectively support and manage the challenging behaviour they present.


Alongside the use of Positive Behaviour Support with have adopted the philosophy of PROACT-SCIPr-UK®.

This is a RRN accredited training programme, a whole approach to working with individuals that challenge which incorporates Positive Behaviour Support and Proactive, Active and Reactive interventions.

Physical Interventions are taught to staff where an audit of need has indicated their requirement and in-line with the RRN guidance.

We implement a policy of Physical Interventions being used minimally and where all other interventions have proved unsuccessful.

We currently have 5 PROACT-SCIPr-UK® trainers within the company.

Quality Assurance

We aim to ensure that our services are delivering support of the highest quality.

Our Residential Homes and Domiciliary Care Agency are inspected at regular intervals by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). You can search for our services and read our reports on their website: These inspections take place to assess our compliance against the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety and to determine how well we deliver support to the individuals that use our services.

We have developed our ‘Periodic Service Review’ as an audit tool to assess each service on a regular basis. These audits are used to assess compliance and quality.

On an annual basis we seek the views of all service users, staff, families, professionals and other relevant individuals through our Quality Improvement Survey. The results of these are used to develop an improvement plan for the organisation and to continually develop quality of provision.